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AudioComics’ first young adults title to record in 2013


For immediate release:

AudioComics and award-nominated author Tom Kirkbride invite you to embark on the wild ride known as Gamadin, as they present the audio adaptation of Book I, Gamadin: Word of Honor in Kirkbride’s young adult series in 2013. Adapted for audio by Elaine Lee and co-directed by Lance Roger Axt and William Dufris, “Word of Honor” introduces us to Southern California surfers Harlowe, Riverstone, and Wiz, whose act of heroism leads them on the adventure of a lifetime: the retrieval of Millawanda, an ancient Gamadin spaceship, and the most dangerous weapon in the known galaxy.

The Gamadin Book Series evolved from author Kirkbride’s love of science fiction and the desire to write a thrill-packed, character driven adventure. Since its release, the series has taken the young adults genre by storm, with the Gamadin Book Series recently joining the Harry Potter and Twilight series in the Accelerated Reader Learning program in schools nationwide. The AudioComics production will present the book in a new light, utilizing the production company’s signature cinematic approach to audio drama.

The work will record in Monterey, California in the spring of 2013, with casting to be announced in late winter. As with previous productions of Titanium Rain, Starstruck, and the forthcoming Bad Planet and Perhapanauts projects, the finished work will be available on both compact disc and pay-per-Mp3 digital download, through the AudioComics and Gamadin websites (, iTunes, Amazon, and at book festivals and comic book/sci-fi conventions.

Can the fate of the galaxy rest in the hands of three California surfer dudes? YES! And the rumble comes to audio in 2013…

About AudioComics:under the direction of producers William Dufris, Lance Roger Axt, and Elaine Lee, AudioComics professional full-cast “audio movies” based on stories from comics, graphic novels, and genre fiction. We offer top-notch entertainment: the best stories from the best writers, brought to life by a brilliant company of gifted actors, professionally engineered, mixed, and mastered for today’s audiences with today’s sound.

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