“Starstruck: The Website”

February 17, 2012 Comments Off on “Starstruck: The Website”

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Okay, science fiction, space opera and web comics fans, listen up: on February 17, 2012, Elaine Lee and Michael Wm. Kaluta will be launching a new Starstruck website at http://starstruckcomics.com/

They will be posting the story pages that appeared in the Starstruck Deluxe Edition, but making them interactive, so that they link to glossary entries. Moreover the site will include the glossary, history, intro to the book, and links to Starstruck reviews and articles. Later, they’ll be adding things like timelines, sound files from the play’s music and the audio play, pictures from performances, and heretofore unpublished material. And you can buy the book, a download of the play, or a T-shirt, too!

“Ultimately, we’re hoping to draw enough new audience to make creating more Starstruck a worthwhile endeavor (monetarily speaking).”

We love Starstruck. AudioComics and Starstruck are linked big time; the playscript was our first production, and there is a Galactic Girl Guidesseries for kids in the works. We’re thrilled that this site is taking off, and hope you’ll come along for the ride.  Again, the site address is: http://starstruckcomics.com/ If it worked for Elfquest, it’ll work for Elaine and Michael, too.

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