The hills are alive with the sounds of STARSTRUCK!!!

August 25, 2009 § 1 Comment

“As you can see, the heading is gone, because on Saturday the 15th the hills of Big Sur were alive with the sounds of Starstruck. And I’m not kidding, we were freaking loud. Good thing there’s nothing around for miles except an equally noisy restaurant.”

While this entry should have been written last week, Lance, AudioComics’ humble blogmeister has been in the throes of wedding week (my brother’s wedding, that is – Lance), so we’re just now playing catch-up. First thing’s first, we’re happy to hear that Gene Colan is doing much better, and was thrilled with the funds that came from the reading. In short, this month and next, he and Adrienne will receive just over $750 to defray the mountain of medical bills.

As for the show itself, Lance wrote in the program that he and the cast traveled a long distance in a short period of time. In the course of the last month-and-a-half a great cast was assembled despite four, count ’em four, people flaking out on the show (which means in terms of future projects, those four have gone the way of the buffalo), and over 60 pre-recorded SFX were collected and re-worked for the show. The first issue of the new Starstruck comic series from IDW hit the stores that Wednesday. And then came Saturday…

Now normally when Lancey leaves a sentence hanging with “…” that usually means that the following sentences will detail everything that went wrong before, during, and after the performance. But this time it’s different: things actually went well. Really well.

“I arrived at the Library just before 12noon to drop off mics, stands, and silent auction items. Magnus and his crew were already setting up the mixing board and pulling cables. So most of the set-up was completed when I left at 2pm to check into the River Inn. And then just before 3pm, the occupants of the adjoining room drove up: Elaine Lee and the original Orga, Ruth Henderson Locke. Followed by Starstruck colorist Lee Moyer, down from Portland with his lovely wife Annaliese. And after our meet and greet with the obligatory hugs it was back to the Library for final set-up while Elaine and Ruth settled in.

“Slowly the actors arrived, as did my buddy Kevin Donnelly of the NATF, down from San Francisco as keeper of the silent auction table. Back to the Inn where I served as limo driver for Elaine and Ruth, and back to the Library where we ran into another comics luminary, Elaine’s old friend Brent Anderson (artist of Green Lantern and Astro City), and later another stalwart member of the original Starstruck cast, Karen Stilwell (the original Erotica Ann 333), who Elaine hadn’t seen in decades. Lotsa hugs, in case you haven’t guessed.

“I think the only set-back to the festivities was the loss of our box office person, home with the stomach flu. So I wound up back in the old familiar role of ‘jack of all trades’ (although Ami-Sue’s son was a big help). And 50 audience members later, after a 15 minute late start for stragglers, Ami-Sue Lawless spoke the words that I had been waiting for a decade to hear: Galatia’s opening monologue. And despite a couple missed cues and the customary 9pm cold front that set in, I think I can say with some degree of certainty that we rocked the Library. I don’t say that with any sarcasm, it was a great show. Oh yeah, and Lee Moyer won the doorprize: a Tower of Power 40th Ann. concert Fillmore poster.

“The following day, Ami-Sue and her parents opened their gallery space in PG for us for an after-party, which included a visit from our fight choreographer Mark Shuler (yes, a radio drama reading had a fight scene in it), who offered a quickie class in the fine art of bullwhipping. Then it was time to collapse.

“In closing, the show was, if I may quote Brent Anderson, ‘more fun than a Millenium Falcon full of space monkeys!'”

So now we come to the next phase of the journey up the spiral arm, the official AudioComics recording. This week, Lance is sending off his H2Zoom piecemeal recording of the show to his stalwart partner in Maine. Elaine is already looking at the script in terms of re-writes, translating those sections that are intricately visual into aural. Questions?

When are you going to do it?
We are planning on the beginning of next year, January, February at the latest. This gives us plenty of prep time. Not to mention doing something anything during the holiday season…well, you’re just askin’ for trouble.

Will you do this recording at the Henry Miller Library?
No. This will happen in Maine.

Where in Maine?
We’re looking at potential theatres over studios right now. We’re also looking at the possibility of doing this at more than one space. There will in the end be several performances, period, allowing us more takes for the final edits.

Have you thought about bringing some of the original cast members back for the recording?
It has been discussed, actually! But for right now we’re not going to think about casting; the logistics of pulling this sucker off need to take precedence.

How about any of the actors from Big Sur?
Please see above.

What will the two of you be doing?
This much is definite: Bill Dufris will direct the production and do post-production. Lance will portray the voice of NORM, the ship’s computer with the identity crisis. Elaine and Lance will be going through NORM’s lines to decide which impersonations stay and which ones go to be replaced by updated character voices (WALKEN! WALKEN! CHRISTOPHER WALKEN!).

We think Lance wants to do his Chris Walken voice.

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